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I am Cristian Edel Weiss

Multimedia and data journalist

Journalist, M.Sc. in Media, Technology and Society (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany), M.B.A. in Marketing and Communication (INPG, Brazil) and specialist in Audiovisual Business Management by the New University of Lisbon (Portugal). Cristian Weiss is a specialist in digital and multimedia and data journalism, trained by the Deutsche Welle Akademie (Germany). He has led innovative multimedia projects, such as data-driven stories, short movies, as well as digital and education-focused productions. He was part of the Comprova team, a coalition of 24 Brazilian media outlets, to combat disinformation in the elections and the pandemic. In Brazil, he has been a journalist for the RBS and NSC groups, with articles also published on the G1 portal. In 2019, he worked at Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany.

Skills | Bio

Current position Journalist and master student in Tech and Media
CityFrankfurt (Germany)
Phone+49 15221 009 007
News story and storytelling
Text and multimedia editing
Data analysis and visualization
Creative writing and scriptwriting
Video production, editing and shooting
Development of digital tools and websites
Data Science Tools: SQL, R and Python

Projects created and areas I master

From data-driven stories to coverage in the field of education to the production of animations, check out the main works I’ve developed. 
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Compilation of graphic ideas, editorials and creative writing


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Outstanding projects

I like to combine design, creativity, a good narrative and evidence in the stories I publish. See some of what I’ve produced in text, video and data journalism:

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Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany